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3rd Grade Technology for Education

Third grade is fun since for many homeschoolers, it’s when they start to branch out on their own and start learning independently.

In language arts, they can start to read chapter books and their vocabulary and understanding accelerates.  In terms of word skills, they have now finished phonics and can really engage in some meaningful 3rd grade spelling practice, perhaps with VocabularySpellingCity:

Third grade marks the transition from primary elementary grades (K-2) into intermediate elementary grades (3-5). The third grade curriculum focuses on students developing a deeper understanding of words in text. Teachers need to develop word study lessons with more mature vocabulary in order to meet the English Language Arts curriculum standards. VocabularySpellingCity offers third grade leveled vocabulary and spelling lists to support the third grade state standards.

Many students develop real interests in both subject areas that they might to read about but also, perhaps about specific uses of language or writing formats such as metaphors, personification, or poetry. Some like adventure or mystery books.