April Showers…

Ah, spring. You bring us sunshine and warmer weather. You bring us pretty flowers. You also bring some of us pollen allergies, but you know…win some, lose some.

While my favorite season is fall, there’s a lot to be said for spring. I enjoy what little winter we have here in the south (although, after this past year, I think Mother Nature could use a little weather lesson as to how seasons are supposed to change), but by the time spring rolls around, I’m generally ready to start breaking out the shorts and the sandals.

There’s another reason I love spring. Spring Vacay! That’s vacation, for those of you who aren’t up on their “teen speak,” lol. Since we have a flexible homeschooling schedule, we enjoy taking trips to the beach with other homeschooling friends, and doing so after the public school spring break, but before the schools let out for the summer. Cheaper prices and far less tourists. Since both of our families are homeschooling families, and we like to find something educational in everything we do, we call our annual trips “roadschooling adventures.” 🙂

Do any of you homeschoolers out there take spring trips? Where to?

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