Art – Teaching and Learning

Do your kids have a favorite artist? I don’t know that mine do, but they love art. We have art prints that we’ve bought hanging all over the house. They love walking through the artist alley at the SciFi/Fantasy convention we attend every year. They don’t scoff at me when I tell them that we’re taking yet another field trip to the art museum.

So yeah, my boys love learning about art. They love playing art games and they are never hesitant when it comes to trying out a medium they’ve never tried before (the oldest just completed his first oil painting).

It’s too bad that their eagerness and willingness to learn, doesn’t necessarily translate to me knowing anything about teaching art. What I do know though, is how to look for teacher resources in situations like this. Google is my friend. So is the librarian. And the curator at that art museum I mentioned. 😉

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