Fall Fun…

My favorite season is autumn. The hot and humid southern temperatures that have been hanging out for months are finally cooling off. The leaves are changing color. All things pumpkin (Seriously…the pumpkin spice latte from that big-brand coffee shop is delicious!) liven up my tastebuds. And did I mention the cooler weather?

Our homeschool also sees a change come fall. We are in our groove, and we have usually worked out the back to school kinks. The boys’ soccer seasons have started, so they get more physical education hours logged. We also try and take a fall vacation, which is nice. We try and plan beach vacations in the spring, before it gets too hot, and in the fall, we try to head to the mountains. More importantly, we take these trips before school lets out, or after school starts back. Cheaper and less crowded.

We also travel to the same beach, but our fall trips are varied. We try to let the boys have a say in where we go, as much as we can. They like to pour through the geography lists they’ve used for spelling and vocabulary, to see which state looks the most interesting, and we start planning things to see. Usually we have to stay pretty local (driving distance, 8-10 hours), but so far we’ve been able to see some really great places, and have some amazing family time.

Yep. Fall is awesome.

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