Have the kids help you plan a healthy Thanksgiving meal

Always looking for ways to incorporate homeschooling and educational opportunities into our everyday lives, I figure Thanksgiving is a good a time as any to teach the kids about nutrition.  There aren’t too many forms of nutrition curriculum for homeschoolers, so sometimes you just have to take advantage of these “teachable moments” in everyday life!

So I asked the kids, besides a turkey, what else should we cook for Thanksgiving dinner?  Check out the “Choose My Plate” initiative, which is the replacement for the old food pyramid we’ve all learned about in the past.  It teaches kids how to eat proper proportions of food, to balance meals.  Of course, vegetables should be at every meal.  You really can’t overdose on those, and kids are so much more likely to eat them when they’ve had a say in the meal planning process.

My kids decided green bean casserole would be a good choice, but we’re balancing that with corn too.  Salad may not be a traditional Thanksgiving food, but it’s certainly healthy.  We serve a salad mid-afternoon to keep everyone from feeling hunger pains until the big meal is done.

Enjoy the holiday, and if your kids liked helping you plan the meal, maybe they’d like to learn to cook it too!

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