Homeschool Math

Around here, third grade math was really a struggle. My son didn’t get it, and we didn’t know how to teach him in a way that made it easier for him to grasp. So we turned to the internet, like we always do when we are in need of homeschool resources.

As a family, we don’t enjoy working with traditional workbooks and textbooks. So anything that is online is a plus. Combining an online resource, with game play? WIN!

One of the best things we ever did with homeschool math was to institute mandatory game time. When we first started, the wee one thought that I was kidding. I mean…mom forcing him to play games on the computer? For real? Yep. Practicing multiplication was no longer met with a frown (okay, not a *big* frown). Fractions? Fuggetaboutit. You get the drift. 😉

So tell me. What do you guys do when you hit a math wall?

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