I’m thankful to be homeschooling!

It’s that time of year again, when we look back and realize how good we have it, how blessed we are in our lives, and how grateful we are for the gifts we’ve been given.  Thanksgiving.  I’m awfully grateful to have the opportunity to homeschool my kids.  We all homeschool for different reasons, such as poor academics in the public schools, bullying or other issues in the school environment, learning disabilities that are not adequately addressed otherwise, etc.  We all have our reasons.  But this time of year, I try to stop and just be thankful for this opportunity.  My kids will be better for it, and although homeschooling is sometimes a sacrifice of my time and energy, what a worthwhile venture it is.  All of you homeschoolers out there, congratulations on making this difficult choice and I wish you all the success you could hope for.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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