Plan a family Christmas pageant for your homeschoolers

One thing my kids miss from when they attended public school is the annual Christmas pageant.  They would sing Christmas carols, perform some short skits, and other holiday fun.  It was usually held in the evening, when parents and families could attend, and everyone dressed in their Sunday best for the occasion.  There was usually a reception of cookies and punch afterward.  When we started homeschooling several years ago, this is one of the school traditions we missed.

So last year we started our own Christmas pageant!  Of course, it helps if you have a big family, but you could always arrange something like this in your homeschool support group or co-op group as well.  Get the kids together to learn about Christmas traditions in other countries, sample some traditional Christmas goodies, sing holiday carols, and maybe plan some arts & crafts projects for the children.

It’s these kind of group activities that homeschoolers miss out on.  But they don’t have to!  Our family puts together a short skit each year to perform for visiting family members.  It’s become a tradition now, and just as much fun as those Christmas pageants we used to attend at the public school.

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