Schooling through the Summer

Summer school or no school? How about some school, or light days of school? Those are questions that homeschoolers get all the time. And the answers to those, are just as varied as the people asking them!

Many homeschoolers follow the school schedule. Usually it’s because their kids have friends that go to public schools, and they want their kids to have the same breaks as their friends.

Just as many homeschoolers though, don’t have a set plan as far as summer goes. They start their school year in August and September, and just take breaks when they need…or do a little summer unschooling. Maybe they intentionally schedule breaks throughout the year, knowing that they can work through the summer months.

Either way, there is no wrong or right way to plan your homeschool year or your summer breaks. So do school. O take it easy. Or take a vacation. Or browse homeschool curricula for next year. However you spend your summer, just enjoy it and make the most of it!  🙂

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