standardized testing

Whether or not your homeschooler will need to take a standardized test varies state by state, and essentially depends on your state’s homeschooling laws.  If you’re new to the area, or just not sure, ask other homeschoolers or look up the laws yourself.  In many states that require some sort of assessment or paperwork to be filed, standardized testing is only one of the available options.  Sometimes a portfolio assessment of the child’s work throughout the school year, often reviewed by a certified teacher, will suffice.  Other states will require a record of time spend homeschooling, or a list of curriculum or materials used.  It’s best to check to be sure!

When testing is required, often the local school district can help homeschoolers by either connecting them with the testing authorities, or by allowing homeschoolers to test alongside the public school kids.  Parents may or may not need to pay a fee to participate in the district’s testing program.  So while it is certainly not required all the time, or in all states, parents should definitely become familiar with the laws where they live.

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