teaching third-grade math

Having trouble sifting through the piles and stacks of math curriculum out there?  Welcome to the club!  If you’ve been homeschooling a while, you know how numerous the choices can be.  If you’re already using a math program that works, you’re all set.  But speaking for myself, I’m always trying to improve.  Not reinvent the wheel exactly, just trying to tweak the math curriculum I use with my kids so they’re learning as the level they need to.

There are many math-in-a-box programs, like Saxon for example, that give parents everything they need.  This would include workbooks, math manipulatives, and even scripted lessons so you know exactly how to teach the material.  I’ve heard that Math-U-See uses videos of the instructor teaching the lessons, and Teaching Textbooks does a similar thing through the computer.

Other programs are more flexible and may require more input from parents.   The Life of Fred, for example, actually takes a narrative form to teach math concepts through storytelling.  It’s always been a favorite in my family!  We use a little of this and a little of that, always trying to find the perfect combination.  It works for us though!

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