Thankful for Homeschooling…

I love Thanksgiving.

I love gathering with friends and family. I love the kick off to the holidays. And yeah…I love the food, lol.

What else do I love? The fun Thanksgiving projects and crafts we do in our homeschooling! When my boys were younger, we must have made a hundred hand-print turkeys and finger painted cornucopias. Lots of pilgrim hats were made and worn, and we still have some of the table centerpieces the boys made over the years. Table top turkeys that just fit and we couldn’t toss out, or mini replicas of the Mayflower that managed to stay put together and unharmed. 🙂

As well as crafts, we have fun with other Thanksgiving specific activities too. We will play Thanksgiving vocabulary games online. The boys practice new, yet traditional Thanksgiving recipes to add to our feast. There’s so much history to learn around the holiday, we can easily spend a whole week learning about the Native Americans and the Pilgrims!

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving activities and/or crafts?

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